Gun Owners of America Endorses Chris McDaniel for United States Senate

Jackson, MS – Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Chris McDaniel announced today that he has received the endorsement of Gun Owners of America in the special election to replace Senator Thad Cochran in Mississippi.

“Chris is a champion for gun owners in Mississippi, and he has the legislative track record to back it up,” said GOA Chairman Tim Macy. “He is a strong supporter of Constitutional Carry, and he has fought to expand carry rights for Mississippi gun owners.”

In addition to sponsoring Constitutional Carry, McDaniel also sponsored legislation to require Mississippi to honor any valid concealed carry permit issued by another state.

The bill, which was passed and signed into law, allows for greater ease of travel between states for Mississippi’s gun owners and law-abiding gun owners from other states.

In an effort to prevent school shootings and to fight back against increased gun control pushed by Democrats in the wake of the Parkland shooting, McDaniel recently voted to end gun-free zones in Mississippi’s school and university athletic events.

“Gun Owners of America is one of the most respected Second Amendment organizations in the country, and I’m proud to have their support” McDaniel said. “Gun Owners of America are trailblazers for gun rights, and I’m proud to stand with GOA’s members and gun owners everywhere in defense of the right to bear arms.”

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