Mississippi News Outlet Pushes Intentional Fake News Graphic

Jackson, MS –  16 WAPT News in Jackson published a graphic Thursday night that portrayed Cindy Hyde-Smith as the only Republican in the race for U.S. Senate.

This is the latest in a long series of liberal media attempts to manipulate voters and defeat America First Conservatives.

WAPT projects unelected Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith’s photo over a red background, signifying her as a Republican. She even has the word “Republican” on the side of her graphic. The two Democrats, naturally, have their head in a blue box with the word “Democrat” on the side.

WAPT’s politically motivated graphic color codes McDaniel’s headshot in gray, and conspicuously neglects to denote McDaniel’s membership in the Republican Party.

Chris McDaniel is the only lifelong Republican in the race.

“This is nothing more than the fake news media trying manipulate voters into believing that Cindy Hyde-Smith is a Republican, when she is in fact a lifelong Democrat who voted for Hillary Clinton and only recently switched parties out of political convenience,” said Tanner Watson, spokesman for the McDaniel campaign. “To make this even more egregious, the manipulative graphic was used for a WAPT News story about the upcoming U.S. Senate debates. Chris McDaniel has accepted invitations and is eager to participate in all three debates, while Hyde-Smith has yet to agree to a single one.”

Watson added that this is the latest example of the political and media establishment in this nation will use every dirty trick in book to stop America First Conservatives who will help drain the swamp.

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