Chris McDaniel Voices Full Support for President Trump’s Overhaul of Bad Trade Deals, NAFTA

Jackson, MS – Republican U.S. Senate candidate Chris McDaniel today announced his full support for President Donald Trump’s overhaul of the North American Free Trade Agreement.

“President Trump won in 2016 because he promised to upset the current world order and trading system that threatens America’s economy and security on the global stage,” McDaniel said. “If America is to remain a beacon of hope for people around the world, it is vital we take care of our own affairs, and that includes making sure America is once again a leader in the manufacturing sector. We’ve been saying it for decades — America doesn’t produce enough on the world stage any more — and now we have a President committed to reversing that trend.”

McDaniel says President Trump is committed to lifting Americans up out of this swamp of dependency on consumerism into one that is once again a superpower that builds, creates, and manufactures.

He also pointed out that appointed Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith has voiced her support for NAFTA, in direct contrast with President Trump.

“NAFTA is not a dirty word,” stated Hyde-Smith earlier this year. “NAFTA is positive. It’s very crucial, vital, totally a have-to.”

“The capitalists who’ve been championing so-called “free trade” have been helping out communist China First,” McDaniel said. “China First is NOT America First. Mexico First is NOT America first.”

McDaniel adds that America has been bailing out the world for decades — from Europe with the Marshall Plan up to the present day with NATO, a small handful of American Elites have gotten rich slicing up various sectors of the American economy.

“These countries, along with the corporate-run media, are the reason we’re hearing all the wailing and gnashing of teeth about Donald Trump’s America First agenda,” McDaniel continued. “Asia, Latin America, Canada, and Europe – the entire world – have been taking a free ride on the coattails of U.S. economic dominance for decades. The rest of the world would be happy to let America’s current trade imbalances – our bailing out of the entire world – continue on forever. It’s a form of welfare, and it’s time we wind it down. Frankly, our economy and our people can’t afford it any longer.”

The American taxpayer has been subsidizing the heavy profits of foreign corporations and nations for decades, and that is finally coming to an end.

“If we let this continue on unchecked, China will continue to emerge as a world power, and our national security will be placed at risk,” he said. “It is a matter of national security that the United States regain economic and military primacy on the world stage.”

McDaniel concluded by adding that the American taxpayer has been subsidizing the heavy profits of foreign corporations and nations for decades. And that is finally coming to an end.

The American market is valuable to every other nation on the face of this planet. The nations freeloading on American generosity cannot survive a trade war with the United States, and President Trump knows that.

“President Trump is making good on his promise to renegotiate NAFTA to lift the prospects of ALL Americans,” said McDaniel. “The president’s arrangement with Mexico will put America on solid ground with respect to Mexico and Canada, grow the American economy, create high-paying jobs for our workers, and presents a win-win scenario for Mississippi’s farmers, workers, and businesses.”

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