Cindy Hyde-Smith lies about excuse for not debating, calls conservatives “horrific” and “uncivil”

Jackson, MS – Appointed Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith has been caught in a lie, saying she won’t debate Chris McDaniel because she believes it will benefit him.

“Cindy Hyde-Smith has been lying to the Mississippi voters, telling them that she can’t debate because of her schedule, when in reality she’s not doing it because she lacks the ability to answer difficult questions about her years as a DC lobbyist and her Democrat past,” McDaniel said. “Her handlers know that once the people of Mississippi hear the truth, her support evaporates.”

“Right now, my opponent does not have enough money to get on TV and my guys are saying that’s like handing him a $200,000 campaign donation because he’s way down in the polls,” Hyde-Smith says in a video obtained by the McDaniel campaign over the weekend.

This is a different story than the one she has previously told. Hyde-Smith had previously stated that she couldn’t debate due to her schedule in Washington.

She also gave the excuse to the Jackson Free Press that McDaniel’s supporters wouldn’t be civil.

“She’s not at all opposed to discussing issues and answering questions, but if she thinks it’s not going to be civil, then she’s going to be reluctant to do it, and he only has himself to blame for that,” Hyde-Smith’s communications director Melissa Scallan said. “We don’t want a repeat of the Neshoba County Fair. Their behavior at the fair was horrific.”

She continues to insult conservatives in the video taken in Picayune Saturday evening.

“… He’s got people that can’t think for themselves and they believe it,” Hyde-Smith says of McDaniel supporters in the video

“This is exactly how the establishment treated President Trump, McDaniel said. “They called his supporters deplorable. They called him a liar. This is Swamp Politics 101. Cindy Hyde-Smith won’t debate because she can’t defend her record of being a federal lobbyist, lifelong Democrat, and voting for Hillary Clinton. And the fact that she has the audacity to call conservatives horrific and uncivil tells you how she really feels about Mississippi voters.”

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