Fox News Personality Mark Levin Endorses Chris McDaniel for United States Senate

Jackson, MS – Republican U.S. Senate candidate announced today that he has received the endorsement of Fox News personality and New York Times bestselling author Mark Levin.

“All you Levinites out there, I strongly endorse Chris McDaniel,” Levin said last night on his nationally syndicated radio show. “I think he’d be a solid conservative for Mississippi. Senators vote on issues that affect ALL of us. I can’t imagine the people in Mississippi electing someone who was a Hillary Clinton supporter for all those years.”

Levin is the host of Life, Liberty and Levin on Fox News and has a radio show with an audience of over 9 million nationwide.

“Why would the Governor, Bryant I believe his name is… why would he appoint someone who’s been a lifelong Democrat, who voted for Hillary Clinton, why would he appoint her to the Senate,” Levin asked.

McDaniel welcomed Levin’s endorsement.

“Mark Levin is a brilliant constitutionalist who supported President Trump,” McDaniel said. “He’s a big reason we control the White House. He’s an incredible force for conservatives.

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