Fox News’ Todd Starnes: we look forward to calling Chris McDaniel United States Senator

Jackson, MS – Today, on Fox News Radio, conservative host Todd Starnes told his audience that he looked forward to having Chris McDaniel in the United States Senate.

“I think that’s the key, not just electing Republicans, but electing true conservative Republicans and getting rid of the establishment Republicans,” Starnes in an interview with Sen. McDaniel. Sadly, in the state of Mississippi the Republicans, at least the conservatives, have not been well represented on Capitol Hill.”

McDaniel appeared on Starnes’ radio show on Fox News during the lunchtime hour to discuss the liberal indoctrination of universities and to call for disciplinary action for the Ole Miss professor who attempted to incite unlawful behavior towards conservatives.

Starnes, a native of Mississippi, told McDaniel that he looks forward to his serving in the United States Senate.

“We look forward to calling you United States Senator one of these days real soon,” Starnes told McDaniel today.

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