McDaniel Calls on Hyde-Smith, McConnell to Support Trump’s ‘Nickel Plan’

Jackson, MS –  Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Chris McDaniel today called on appointed Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith to throw vocal support behind President Trump’s ‘Nickel Plan’, an initiative to reduce budgets by five percent in each of the cabinet agencies.

“Cindy Hyde-Smith and Mitch McConnell should immediately pledge support for President Trump’s plan to cut cabinet agency budgets by 5%,” McDaniel said. “In the face of an uncooperative Congress, The President has reprioritized military spending, and now that he’s accomplished that, it’s time Congress got to work cutting spending.”

“Sadly, Mitch McConnell has already said there’s ‘little chance Republicans will be able to cut spending next year’ even if they maintain control of congress,” McDaniel explained. “That is unacceptable. No U.S. Senator from Mississippi should go along with Mitch’s promise to keep spending taxpayer dollars at this rate.”

Trump’s announcement to vigorously pursue spending and budget cuts arrives on the heels of what Trump called a disastrous Congressional budget bill, and Congress’s failure to pass Rand Paul’s “Penny Plan,” an effort that could’ve balanced the budget in a decade.

“Rand Paul’s Penny Plan put a spotlight on yet another of Congress’s sins: namely, that the budget grows automatically from one year to the next,” McDaniel said. “Even worse, so-called Republicans like unelected Cindy Hyde-Smith voted against rolling back these automatic increases.”

“I fully support President Trump, who is working tirelessly to cut spending and build the wall,” McDaniel said, “but Republicans in Congress — including Cindy Hyde-Smith and Mitch McConnell — are standing in his way.”

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